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Re: [MMUG] End of the Mac Pro on Tuesday?

Thanks for your insight Chris, and I totally respect you as you know. All I can say is that my 2yr old i7 15" MBP does not support Mercury other than software emulation. It is as fast as my MacPro on basic renders but basically won't do anything else as the fan goes full blast. I find with the Mac Pro 8 core Zeon with a Quadro graphics card I can do two simultaneous renders to different res and at the same time upload multiple streams to servers and at the same time edit in CS6 (and play music in itunes) and it doesn't hang or lag at all and nor does the fan scream. Also I like having two identical size 23 in monitors to span stuff across that are not glossy rather than having to have one glossy iMac and another different monitor. The quadro card was a revelation but at £700 it had to be!