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The Midlands Macintosh User Group is a non-profit user group run for and by Apple fanatics in the West Midlands, UK. We meet monthly throughout the year covering a wide variety of topics. Our meetings are fun and informal with good refreshments, a main presentation and raffle.

Yosemite is out

Apple have released OS X Yosemite. That is 10.10 to those who like digits. 
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About OS X
Don't forget to check your system meets the requirements & backup before you install it.

Apple releases two-step verification.

2-step verification process 
Apple have rolled out a two-step verification system that is intended to add extra security to Apple ID accounts a.k.a. iTunes/ iCloud accounts.
Once enabled & setup, you will need to use a trusted device to receive notification codes that are used in addition to your account password. The code is used when modifying you Apple ID account info or when purchasing from new devices.
The Apple FAQ has lots of information to get started.

MobileMe and iCloud for luddites

Update: Apple have altered the iCloud migration plans a little, you can keep using your MobileMe mail if you are on Snow Leopard, see the transition page for more information.

Apple's MobileMe migration to iCloud is due to happen on the 30th of June 2012.

You should have received a reminder from Apple, nudging you to upgrade if you haven't done so already.

iCloud adds some new features to the old MobileMe service and kills off a few in the process. It has been announced with all of the usual Apple hyperbole (seamless, integrated, effortless). Apple's page MobileMe transition and iCloud has lots of information on the gory details of what services live & which ones die. 

Change the login window background and text

Automator LogoThese scripts make changes to your loginwindow preference file. If the file doesn't exist it will be created.

This preference is set for the computer (all users) as it effects the login window we all see when we log in. The preferences are stored in a plist file /Library/Preferences/com.apple.loginwindow.plist

You could use terminal commands to add these things yourself - the scripts just add a confirmation dialog box and make it easier for novice users.

For the picture script the image needs to be a jpeg and needs to be stored in a public folder as the system needs access to the file before a user logs in.

The picture will be squished or stretched to fit on the screen.

Download the Scripts

Locking the Screen on Mac OS X 10.6

I'm often asked by teachers, IT folks and mac switchers "How can the screen be locked on a mac?"

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